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Episode 4: Mao Zedong

The 20th century had its share of villainous dictators. But none was as murderous as China's Mao Zedong, who exerterminated approximately 65 million Chinese, as part of his vision to turn the country socialist. Dissenters -- primarily intellectuals & scholars -- were punished with prison, labor camps, starvation, or execution. 

Mao's deadly campaigns included manufactured famine and most notoriously, The Cultural Revolution. Is Mao's legacy a blueprint for the tactics being employed today by equally malevolent leaders -- including those right here in America? Jesse Kelly breaks it down as he breaks history.

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Episode 3: Vladimir Lenin

The modern-day American Left regularly uses Vladimir Lenin's playbook to wreak havoc on civilized society. In this episode, Jesse Kelly and Boris Ryvkin break history as you know it, revealing the true motivation of this evil figure, his movement, from ideology to the use of propaganda -- one of the most effective and destructive weapons known to man. You need to understand why your enemy worships Lenin and despises you. It's the best way to fight the Communists.


Episode 1: The Forgotten Genocide

Many point to Adolf Hitler as the most evil man in modern history, but there’s another tyrannical, sociopathic, murderous dictator of the 20th century that goes largely unmentioned: Cambodia’s Pol Pot.

Pol Pot engineered a killing spree that targeted dissenters, ethnic groups, and anyone suspected of posing a threat to his regime.


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Episode 2: Che Guevara

Ernesto 'Che' Guevera was evil, and the people who extolled him as a revolutionary martyr during his reign of terror -- and who idolize him even now -- can be described only as idiots. 

Jesse Kelly exposes the wretched, blood-thirsty cultural icon who thought nothing of killing innocent men, women, and children.